Warranty policy

1. At Airstreeem, we voluntarily offer a 10-years warranty on frames that broke as a result of a production or material defect. 

2. At Airstreeem, we also once offer a 2-years crash-replacement warranty for frames, forks and wheelsets that broke even if you have been racing. We thereby charge the following rates:

  • Airstreeem frame: depending on the model: EUR 300,00 to max. EUR 1.800,00
  • Airstreeem fork: depending on the model: EUR 100,- to max. EUR 350,-
  • Airstreeem Aluminum wheelset: EUR 120,– per wheel (front or rear)
  • Airstreeem Carbon Fibre wheelset: EUR 280,– per wheel (front or rear)

3. A requirement for this voluntary warranty and crash replacement policy is that your wheels or bike had been registered with all customer and Airstreeem product data as well as with a copy of the receipt by your retailer within one month after the purchase at www.airstreeem.com/service/garantie-registrierung.html. The warranty and crash-replacement policy is to be accepted. In case the product had not been registered, the warranty can not be guaranteed. The paint is not covered by the warranty. This warranty is vaild for the first owner of the product only.

4. The evaluation of the damage is done exclusively by the Airstreeem company itself. In case of doubt, the customer can not make a remonstrance against this evaluation.

5. In case of a material or production defect, the Airstreeem company will replace or repair the components within 9 weeks. Components can be replaced by a similar product of the Airstreeem product portfolio. In case no such replacement product is in stock, the Airstreeem company can also pay off its customer.

6. In case of any modification of an Airstreeem product, a customer can not claim any warranty work.

7. The product guarantees for the general safety only as far as it can be expected based upon official regulations, manuals and furhter notifications. The product comes with a manual as standard. Manuals can also be found on the website following "Downloads".

8. In case of a warranty issue, please always contact your local dealer and ask them for advice.

9. Products returned to Airstreeem without contact in advance and without a filled in service card can not be accepted.

10. In case of a repair, please send the product to us (using the original box) as well as the service card and the receipt. The original Airstreeem box is to be used as the product can be damaged otherwise.

11. The following defects are generally not covered by our warranty policy:

  • Normal usage of components (please refer to a list of the components in the manual)
  • Defects as a result of the usage of components not compatible with Airstreeem products
  • Defects as a result of wrong care, repair works or modifications
  • Defects as a result of the usage of the product contrary to what is described in the manual, misuse or negligence
  • Transportation or storage defects

12. Assembly and service works may be done exclusively by professional bike mechanics.

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