Wheels Technology


Reason 1

Minus 7% in the Windtunnel

Together with the Technical University of Graz’s Institute of Fluid Mechanics & Bionic Surfaces, we have developed the Carbon Aero 50 wheelset. The latter creates 7 % less air resistance than that of our competitors.

Wind Tunnel Data

Widerstandskraft gesamt in [N] bei 45 km/h
Yaw Winkel
Aero 50
Aero 85
82 mm
0 1.378 N 1.493 N 1.496N
5 1.356 N 1.143 N 1.213 N
20 1.704 N 1.459 N 1.574N


3 out of 5 angles of attack less [n] resistance as benchmark.

  • stiff rim wall surface composite
  • stiff propulsion wheelset

Reason 2

Perfect Stiffness


  • 12.3 % more propulsion than the Carbon Aero 50 model 2016
  • New hub technology
  • Rigid and lighter axles
  • Designed for aero spokes
  • Easy bearing adjustment
  • Upgradeable with ceramic bearings
Data Carbon Aero 50 Etappensieger Clincher:
Rear right and left each - 44 Nm Front right and left each - 43 Nm
Carbon Aero 50 Etappensieger Tubular:
Rear right and left each - 49,4 Nm Rear right and left each - 48,3 Nm

Reason 3

Rim Advantages

Double thickness high temperature nano coating: 
Outstanding braking performance in both wet & hot conditions.

Reinforced rim flange:
Higher spoke tension, stronger & stiffer rim design, tailored angle for nipple hole and optimal stiffness and power transmission.

Nipples fitted and glued by hand:
We make professional standard wheels accessible to everyone.

Reason 4

Shorter braking distance (minus 52 m)

Reason 5.1

Proven hub technology

Spoke tension: Straight-pull spokes with 135 kg of tension compared to the industry standard 90 –100 kg. This significantly increases and improves the stiffness and stability.

The pictured hubs are from our Carbon Aero 50 Stage Winner wheelset:

  • Care and maintainance free axle and cassette body design.
  • Bigger axle diameter for increased stiffness.
  • Higher rear hub flange for a more efficient power transfer from spoke to rim.
  • High quality grade bearings. You can optionally install Ceramicspeed.



Reason 5.2

The world‘s fastest aero spoke angle

Reason 6

100% Handbuilt

Every wheel is handbuilt in Austria or Italy. We pay a huge attention and invest a lot of  precise labor effort with support of europes most modern measureingequipement (laser) to produce simple the best wheel. For every wheel we generate a digital building certificate  and every single wheel runs up to 15 minutes on our  testmachine before it is packed and sent out after passed QC test.

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